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Winter brings a number of surprises to your lawn that are both visible and unseen by the eye that can cause damage to your lawn.  To avoid nasty lawn diseases to your lawn you should do a thorough spring clean-up once the snow melts and unwanted debris begins to soak deep into your lawn.

Visible Debris That Can Harm Your Lawn
For starters, visible debris such as cardboard, unraked leaves, and garbage blown out of trash cans should be picked up immediately.  Picking up the loose debris on your lawn ensures that toxins and other unwanted minerals that can spread disease throughout your lawn.  Additionally, damage to your lawn from plow trucks and other snow removal equipment should be repaired early in the spring to give your lawn more time to plant its roots.

Finally, a good spring clean-up includes inspecting your shrubs, bushes, trees and other plants for damaged or dead branches and plants.  Pruning damaged and dead branches on trees, bushes, and shrubs helps it distribute its nutrients to the areas that are thriving.  Removing dead plants can keep any diseases that may have killed the plant from spreading further into your lawn or landscaping.

A good spring clean-up not only makes your yard look nice, it also prevents disease from spreading deep into the soil and effecting other parts of your lawn.


Fall leaf cleanup service is done in late October to December (depending on weather conditions)  Fall cleanup is vital part of reducing the amount of leaf mold and keeping a healthy lawn. We use Stihl back pack blowers to cleanup leaves and debris from under decks, driveways, sidewalks, shrubs, and rock/mulch areas.
Our commercial mowers are equipped with leaf vacuum collection systems that clean up lawn areas leaving you with a clean estate.  After the cleanup, the collected debris can be disposed of in one of the following ways: there is a place in yard, bag for garbage man or we will haul and dispose of debris for you.

We are Located in East Hampton, New York 11937

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