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Trimming Hedges & Shrubs in

The Hamptons

Trimming  residential and commercial

properties in The Hampton areas.


Proper trimming is vital to the health of your landscaping, and we know exactly what your trees and shrubs need to keep them healthy, manicured and alive. The types of plants and small trees you have in your landscaping will dictate when, and how, to trim your plants. Some types of plants can only be pruned and trimmed at certain times of the year where others can be trimmed any time. With years of experience, our professional team can trim all small trees and shrubs on your property correctly. We provide our landscape trimming services to both residential and commercial property. Give us a call at (631) 466-4228 and allow us to handle all of your landscape trimming and pruning needs in the Hamptons and surrounding areas.

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Why does your shrubs and garden plants need ongoing  trimming?

When trimming your shrubs, plants and small trees, we remove certain branches and stems that will benefit the whole plant. Small trees, plants and shrubs add many benefits to your property, but maintaining them is incredibly important. Why is it so important?
    •    One of the main reasons we trim small trees and shrubs is so they grow a strong full structure.
    •    We remove dead or diseased branches, this helps the overall health of the tree and shrubs and helps prevent the spread of disease to the rest of the plant.
    •    Trimming is also for aesthetic purposes . Proper trimming of landscape plants/trees will improve their appearance and also their flowering or fruit production.
    •    Newly planted young shrubs should be trimmed or pruned pretty regularly. This will make them grow fuller and have a better shape.
    •    When shrubs and trees begin to grow larger, thinning out the old, weak and rubbing branches are important to the health of your plant. When you thin your plants, it opens up the middle so it can receive more sun light and air circulation, promoting healthy and stimulated growth.

Our landscape professionals will make sure that the results of your trimming and pruning services meet and exceed your expectations. Your trimmed hedges, plants, shrubs, and trees will increase the curb appeal of your home or business property. Contact your trimming professionals at (631) 466-4228 and we can handle all your landscape trimming and pruning needs.

(631) 466-4228

Landscape Services from Montauk to Southampton

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